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At Life Pharmacy Wilkinson’s our aim is to improve our community’s access to quality health information and encourage an active involvement in health and well-being.Our team is here to help keep you feeling good and looking great. Open late nights and throughout the weekend, we are an accessible health service - providing a range of services, professional advice, and care to anyone who walks through our door.

A number of our pharmacists are trained vaccinators, which makes getting a vaccination especially convenient. Get in touch with us at Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons to ask about vaccinations that protect against influenza, also called the flu, whooping cough, meningococcal disease and shingles. Depending on your age and medical history you many be eligible for free vaccination.

Medicines information and medication management
When it comes to understanding your medicines, your pharmacist is the expert.

Our pharmacists are involved in all aspects of medicine delivery - from dispensing your medicines, to spending time explaining how they work, side effects to be aware of, and how to take them correctly. We offer a range of patient-specific services that aim to ensure prescribed pharmacotherapy is understood and taken for optimal safety and efficacy.

Disposal of unwanted medicines
If you have left over, expired or unwanted medicines at home, we can help you to dispose of these correctly, making sure your medicines don't end up in our waterways, or in the wrong hands.

Smoking cessation programme
Becoming smoke free is the best thing you can do for your health. We can help you decide on what stop smoking options are best for you.

Emergency contraception
All our pharmacists are trained to provide the levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pill (ECP).

Oral contraception
The reclassification of selected oral contraceptives enables our accredited pharmacists to supply contraceptives without prescription. Consultations to determine eligibility are available without an appointment, making it a convenient option for women.

Treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs)
If you have the symptoms of uncomplicated cystitis don’t delay treatment. If a UTI isn’t treated correctly the infection can quickly become more serious. Our pharmacists can offer a range of treatment options including the antibiotic trimethoprim.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common with increasing age and has many possible causes - from being overweight, having diabetes or being a smoker to stress, depression or performance anxiety.

Sildenafil (also known as Silvasta, Viagra or Avigra) can be purchased without a prescription following a confidential consultation with one of our trained pharmacists, to determine eligibility for supply.

AIA Vitality Health Check
Vitality is a scientifically backed health and wellness programme designed to support members to improve their health outcomes. AIA Vitality and Life Pharmacy Wilkinson’s have entered a partnership to offer members a free Vitality Health Check per membership year, where members can earn up to 10,000 AIA Vitality points.

Melatonin Supply
We have trained pharmacists available to supply melatonin without prescription for the treatment of primary insomnia for adults aged 55 years or older for up to 13 weeks.

Health checks
Early detection and prevention are key to improved long term health.

The Life Pharmacy Wilkinson’s team is well trained to provide a number of tests that are easy to understand and can provide information for you to share with your Doctor. We offer reviews of BMI, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and blood glucose.

Needle Exchange Programme
New Zealand was the first country in the world to introduce a national state sponsored Needle Exchange Programme. In addition to support and advice on harm reduction we also collect returns and ensure the safe disposal of equipment.

Health & medical equipment for hire & sale
If you need extra support to help manage everyday activities, we have a range of medical equipment available for hire or for purchase, including crutches and vaporisers. If there is something specific you need, our team can help find it for you.

Travel services
Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, we can provide you with travel advice, information and products to ensure that you remain in good health wherever your travels may take you. We are also able to provide information on vaccinations you and your family may need.

Passport photos
We take passport, ID and visa photos for most countries, with no appointment necessary. Our digital photo service ensures that New Zealand passport photos adhere to Government regulations.